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We are in the process of credentialing with some insurances and will keep you updated. Please call the office for the most updated information.  We offer an Annual Membership as well as Hourly Rate Fee structure. The best option for you will be discussed only after the first appointment. Please call the office for details

Initial consult includes: 

  • Hour – 1:30 min – includes review of all prior labs submitted
  • Review of Spectrum Integrative Health extensive customized intake and old labs
  • Research and customized lifestyle, supplement and adjunct holistic modalities plan emailed to patient after first visit
  • Medication management of current regimen and discussion of additional medications on a case-by-case basis
  • Referrals to Programs, practitioners, and Healing centers (inter)nationally
  • This is an extensive appointment.
  • Bloodwork is on a case basis
  • Follow up Visit: 45 minutes – 1 hour
  • Review of Labs ordered by Spectrum Integrative Health
  • Some patients require extensive testing: hormones, food sensitivities, DNA, Microbiome analysis, Mold toxin tests etc. Review of all these labs takes time to potentially review with experts in the field. Note: This second appointment thus may take longer than 45 min if multiple labs have been ordered. Price will be prorated to time used. This does not apply to membership patients.

We require all new patients to have a primary care physician to cover emergencies, routine care and screenings.  Dr. Naik works as a functional medicine consultant in conjunction with your current health care team, not as a replacement for your primary care physician.

Recommendations for supplements and herbs will be based on conditions being treated, deficiencies seen on lab testing and most researched evidence based information. We use Fullscripts a online dispensary with access to the highest medical grade supplements which helps ensure the safety and efficacy of clinical protocols, providing the best possible health outcomes for patients. Fullscripts rigorously evaluates label claims, facility testing, quality assurance and raw ingredient claims of all supplements in their catalog.

We also recommend other botanicals from other companies that we have vetted. We do not make any claims that supplements treat medical conditions nor can we guarantee quality or efficacy of these supplements.  Our recommendations are based on years of clinical practice, and the best research available currently.

Spectrum Integrative Health has partnered with Rupa Labs or other private lab companies to order functional medicine labs.  The out of pocket costs for these labs may be applied to your health insurance deductible. However, the patient is solely liable for coverage/reimbursement issues with the lab involved and private insurance used. Many of the generic labs are ordered through Quest/Labcorp labs which uses private pay insurance.  However, even the cost of these  insured labs can lead to a large out of pocket expense for some. Given the complexity and time required for this Spectrum Integrative Health will only order the labs and all issues regarding payment must be dealt with directly with our partnered lab companies. We have made every effort to get our patients the best pricing. We also partner with local mobile phlebotomy companies that are experts in functional lab draws and that come onsite to your home, private office or our office for an additional fee. For cash patients with no insurance we have negotiated rates with Quest Labs as this is considerably cheaper.



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