M.D, Board Certified Obesity Medicine Specialist, Holistic (AIHM) & Institute of Functional Medicine practitioner (IFM) is licensed in Georgia and Tennessee and an expert integrative medicine consultant.

Dr. Laxmi Naik

I know the importance of being at a healthy weight. I’ve seen first hand what being unhealthy can do to a person’s body. I knew that I had to change. I also felt that I owed it to my patients to be an example. If I couldn’t manage my weight and improve my health then how I could expect that from the people I was serving. 

I learned that I could not do it alone. I've carried that lesson into my Functional Medicine clinic...

Our team embodies the whole person approach with a licensed nutritionist, a naturopathic doctor, and an Ayurvedic Medicine Doctor. 

I have these INCREDIBLE practitioners built into my system because I learned that only dieting, or only exercising wasn’t enough. I know that you’ll agree with me that these incredible women are an invaluable asset to your success. 


Doctor of Ayurveda

Heena Bhatt

Heena Bhatt is a classically trained and highly qualified Ayurvedic Medicine Doctor (Vaidya), Yoga Therapist, Health Educator, and a published author with expertise in Integrative & Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine. Vaidya Bhatt serves on the Board of Patient & Family Advisory Committee, Piedmont Hospital, and the Global Council for Ayurveda Research. She is also the founding executive committee board member of the National Certification & Credentialing Board for Ayurvedic Medicine (NCCBAM) and an active member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), Vaidya Bhatt has managed thousands of clients and sees clients internationally. She is the author and co-author of remarkable publications in peer reviewed scientific journals and has contributed a chapter in the book, Scientific Basis for Ayurvedic Therapies. Heena led numerous research projects & international seminars in collaboration with various public, private and government sectors including CDRI, ICMR, India and World Health Organization (WHO).

Functional Registered & Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist

Regina Saxton

Regina Saxton is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Lifestyle Eating and Performance therapist. She believes that working with a supportive, compassionate and empathetic healthcare team to get to the root cause of your symptoms is necessary to ultimately live in balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually like putting the final touches on a fine piece of art.

Naturopathic Doctor, Health Coach, California License

Sadielis Jimenez

Dr. Sadi is a Naturopathic Practitioner. She achieved her biotechnology degree from Kennesaw State University during which time she traveled extensively and experienced other medical systems. She earned her Doctorate in Naturopathy from Bastyr University in California. She has worked with organizations such as the Academy of Integrative Medicine (AIHM), where she still serves today as a membership manager fostering inter-professional relationships.

Dr. Sadi came into medicine from a deep need to understand the human experience. Dr. Sadi has worked in community health clinics, with naturopathic elders, and various healers in traditional medicine. It was from this she learned that there is no separation of the mind and the body. What affects one affects the other. We must understand ourselves biochemically and mentally. It is this philosophy that helped Dr. Sadi in her own healing journey and continues to guide her practice.


Claudia Steuart

Claudia Steuart is a National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a passion for transformation. Claudia has been helping women transform their health for 8 years. She assists women increase their energy, overcome the saboteurs in their life and permanently lose that weight that comes and goes after every new diet.

Claudia decided to become a health coach to fulfill her passion of helping others overcome their personal health challenges. Regaining your health is a personal journey, a health coach walks along side you with encouragement, compassion, accountability, and knowledge.

Claudia graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2014 as an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and obtained certification in Naturopathic Wellness in 2015.  She enjoys developing and delivering health educational seminars.


GeorgAnna Wiley

GeorgAnna Wiley, CNM, MSN, APRN, WHNP, BSN, BA, CPM of Rebirth Holistic Women’s Health has 2 Bachelor’s degrees (Behavioral Psychobiology and Nursing) and a double Master’s degree (Midwifery and Women’s Health) in her field with additional training and certifications in Functional Medicine, Herbalism, neuroscience, biofeedback, meditation, hypnosis, EMDR, sexual health counseling, Non Violent Communication, is a trained mediator, and apprenticed with traditional Mayan midwives.

She has over 25 years experience integrating traditional medicine with alternative health and natural approaches to offer gentle, trauma-informed virtual or in-person healthcare. She demystifies the female body in her care for women of all ages and empowers them to heal from stress and trauma, release shame, and love themselves. GeorgAnna provides sexual counseling, Trauma Resiliency Model and EMDR for mental healing, gentle holistic gynecology and primary care, Functional Medicine, and loves to customize herbal blends as a Master Herbalist. She specializes in listening to women, consensual care, healing from stress, hormone and neurotransmitter balancing, with a strong focus on empowerment, self-compassion, and natural options while also offering traditional mainstream care. She cofounded the nonprofit Allies For Healing for human trafficking survivors and prevention in at-risk youth. Her accolades include being voted by Connect readers “Best Midwife” and a finalist for “Best Functional Medicine Provider” and “Best Gynecology Provider” in 2022, “Top 3 Gyn Providers in the Lowcountry” in 2022 by Savannah Morning News, finalist for “Best Gynecology Provider in Georgia” by Georgia Business Journal 2022 and 2023, and winner of Bizpitch entrepreneurial competition.

She writes a sex column for the Savannahian, speaks at Women’s Rights rallies regularly, has appeared on WTOC numerous times to speak about women’s health issues, and spreads a wealth of information on social media @happy vaginas.

Lauren grew up in Marco Island, Florida. Falling in love with tennis, she became ranked #1 in every age division in the United States, and finished her junior career ranked #6 in the world.
Recently, Lauren shifted her career into health and wellness and is currently the Functional Medicine Nutritionist at Spectrum Integrative Health in Atlanta GA where she teaches lectures and workshops, offers private sessions, and educates guests on holistic nutrition. Her passion for holistic health includes treating clients who are kids , young athletes, parents, and teams to help them sustain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise and become the best they can be.She is also the chief nutritionist at Mirabel Austin. Lauren is also a sports performance consultant to Division 1 Tennis Program across the country helping their staff with nutrition related topics and providing knowledge and education about the importance of functional wellness.

Lauren enjoys participating in anything active, reading health blogs and books, being with her dog, Marlin, and connecting with family and friends.

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Laxmi Naik M.D,

Laxmi Naik M.D, Board Certified Obesity Medicine Specialist, Holistic (AIHM) & Institute of Functional Medicine practitioner (IFM) is licensed and sees patients in GA and virtually in other states and an expert integrative medicine consultant. Her practice history includes emergency medical care at the busiest trauma centers in New York, high-volume urgent care centers, associate directorship of a large insurance company and now bringing to the forefront integrative medicine. 

Her unique clinical and broad administrative and compliance background allows her to converse with conventional and holistic practitioners, and work in tandem with companies affiliated with botanicals, fitness, and biotechnology. Dr. Naik has a passion for helping people heal holistically. Her root-cause approach to medical management addresses a person’s physical, mental, spiritual, and energetic well-being. Her focus is on weight loss, preventive medicine, longevity, and regenerative medicine. She is passionate about the planet, especially advocacy regarding soil awareness and climate change. She is active in multiple non-profit organizations including but not limited to doctors without borders, physician burnout support organizations, conscious planet, and Isha Foundation. She completed her undergraduate studies at Columbia University in New York City with a major in biology and a minor in religious studies. While in college she was spiritually drawn and spent time with many masters such as the Dalai Lama, saints such as Saibaba in southern India, and Siddha yoga master Gurumayi Chidvilasananda in South Fallsburg. While on her spiritual journey, she completed her undergraduate studies and then pursued her medical degree at the New York University School of medicine. Excited by emergency medicine she pursued her residency at Long Island Jewish Hospital in Long Island, New York. She came upon a meditation program called Inner Engineering offered by the Isha Foundation and its Founder Sadhguru that altered the very fabric of the way she practiced medicine. She has done advanced yoga programs and with her extensive medical, spiritual, and holistic background has launched her own practice in 2022 called Spectrum Integrative Health.


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